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Here’s how to avoid spoilers from The Force Awakens


If you haven’t yet managed to secure a seat to experience The Force Awakens, then you need to do whatever it takes to avoid spoilers – believe me.

The onslaught of film reviews and commentary about Episode VII has begun, and these articles are being liberally shared on social media platforms. How do you know which sites and articles contain stories that reveal critical secrets from the latest Star Wars installment?

This is where the Chrome extension Force Block comes in handy. The app utilizes “smart pattern detection” to determine which content pages are likely to contain spoilers, and it blocks them by default – while giving you the option to reveal the page if you feel it has been flagged in error. Since the launch of the movie, the app has been further enhanced though feedback from those who have seen the film, to recognize specific phrases that suggest a spoiler.

Force Block is only available for users of the Google Chrome web browser at present. To download and install this Chrome extension, go here:

Download Force Block

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