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Early feedback from The Force Awakens premiere gives us all A New Hope

Okay, as far as puns go, this headline is one of the worst, but it seems JJ Abrams and team have brought us one of the best. Rest assured, this article contains no spoilers about The Force Awakens, but does provide a snapshot of the reactions that the film has generated from those fortunate enough to attend the red carpet premiere.

The consensus thus far indicates that the film has hit all of the right notes, and returned cinemagoers to the magic and majesty of the earliest Star Wars films. Flipping through the morsels of information that have been shared on Twitter so far suggests a broad opinion that The Force Awakens is stronger than all three prequels, plus Return of the Jedi. If that’s the case, this will be a feast for the senses and a powerful emotional ride.

Following is a snapshot of some of the early feedback:

It also looks as though the film has set up Episode VIII beautifully, if this post by Patton Oswald is representative:

Are you excited yet? 🙂

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