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ROGUE ONE – The Trailer Has Arrived!

When Disney acquired LucasFilm, the stated plan for a series of spin-off movies exploring the expanded Star Wars Universe was one of the most promising plans to emerge. At the same time, the idea of a thoroughly “milked” universe resulting in annual cinematic releases has been a source of apprehension for some fans.

No doubt, the widely celebrated quality of The Force Awakens calmed some nerves, but that film being a fully-qualified “Episode” installment still cast uncertainty over whether the smaller spin-off productions would live up to the high expectations that the brand commands.

Fortunately, any worries are likely to be put to rest by the stunning Rogue One trailer that was unveiled today. This first spin-off charts the activity of a band of rebels in events that took place between the timelines of Episode III and Episode IV, during the development of the Death Star and the mobilisation of the Empire. There are storm troopers a-plenty, AT-AT warfare and no doubt will feature cameos by a few familiar characters, such as Vader himself.

Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

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